"Unable to create mailbox" error resolution on Nokia E72 / E52

Many phone users Nokia E72 si Nokia E52 They complain that they can not set e-mail box after carrying out a firmware upgrade. Same thing happened to me a few days ago when, after installing the latest firmware upgrade released Nokia I woke up that I could not create connection with your Gmail account by email application phone, error message being displayed Unable to create mailbox.

If you are in the same situation, you can solve this proproblem using the following methods.


The first solution (although it's more of a specification, but because it worked for me proproblem raises it to the rank of solution) works for phones Nokia E72 (I have not tested E52But worth trying). Namely, for the needs of a E72 access point correctly defined for a validate network you can set an e-mail box, navigate to Menu> Control Panel> Settings> Connection> Destinations> Internet and check Access Point defined mobile operator network used has all inroduse information correctly (for Vodafone, name must be VF Mobile Internet, APN:, user: live, Password: vodafone, proxy server:, proxy port number: 8080, and for Orange, Name: Orange Internet, APN: net - no user, no password, no proxy), then set Priority 1 (If you have only defined one secure access point, it will have Priority 1 set by default; if you have multiple access points defined, set Priority 1 for the AP defined for the mobile operator used). After you've made all the necessary checks and changes (if any), try setting up your inbox again. The most probabil you will choose with a functional mailbox (at least in my case and that of many other E72 users this is how it was solved prostated problems).

A second solution, Declared as both effective for E72 and also for E52Is the following:

  • select prothe son Offilne (Short press on the button Power the top edge of the phone)
  • sign in Email and select New mailboxThen click on Home
  • they will display Select connection, selected  Cancel
  • It will display a message saying Unable to connect to mail server service. Try again later. Wait until the error message, then enter your email si password it (give again Cancel for Select connection)
  • select POP / IMAP, select Mailbox type, enter mail server addresses for incoming si outgoing and click on Save (for gmail, select POP3 la Maibox type, Incoming mail server: si Outgoing mail server:

After creating the e-mail box, remove the phone from proOffline thread to access the internet. Then enter the email box created and select Options> Connect (user Vodafone They may again be asked to enter the access point name and its password. If this happens, the AP name is live.vodafone.comnot live As will be shown, and the password is vodafone - the most prothis will not need to be changed). And that's it. Your e-mail box is created and emails will automatically sync.



  1. Thank you very much, it served me perfectly, I'm Digitel in Venezuela and I didn't have one proproblems to fix the error that came out with my Nokia E5

  2. Hi I ran the procedure for the e5 but it doesn't work for me to send the e-mail. I have vodafone as a telephone operator and I have to combine a email and another could you tell me what to do?

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