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Problema Receiving Voice Calls and SMS in the Orange Network (Users cannot be contacted on Orange)

Early 2016 comes not just good for the greatest mobile network from Romania, Orange.

The unmanned issue occurs especially to those who have ported numbers from another network (Telekom, Vodafone) In Orange at the end of the year 2015.

Data problem for numbers / subscriptions ported in Orange

Subscribers who have ported a phone number in the Orange network, They can be contacted via voice calls or SMS. Voice calls received on a number ported in Orange, will automatically voicemailand SMSURLs will arrive only when the recipient initiates a voice call on port number. Pretty bad, for this makes virtually recipient unavailable for voice calls and SMS. However, this time Internet data services go without problems 4G, 3G or 2G. So an iPhone owner who has a ported number is very likely can not receive SMS and voice calls but can receive calls voice / video by FaceTime and text messages through imessages.

Solving receiving voice calls and SMS in Orange

From what I understand from representatives of Orange, this is a nationwide problem with Tate ported numbers at the end of December in Orange 2015 and are two methods for solving partial.

The first method is that users iPhone / iOS or Android sa disable Internet 4G and leave only active 3G connections. We tested this method and has paid off. With 4G disabled You can receive calls and SMS on port number. Note that 4G site must be disabled to receive calls and sms even if you are home or office and use a WiFi connection.

Second method, if the above does not work, is to go to a reprezanta Orange and request SIM card replacement.

Orange (Customer Relations) support has recognized that it is an internal problem but has not given any time to remedy this problem.

Such an error by Orange can justify many subscribers ask unilateral termination of the Orange without the need to pay the operator termination fees or other charges, even if the subscription is still in contract period.


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