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PowerOffHijack a new virus for Android

AVG discovered a new virus Android, which can take control of the infected device, even when the user thinks it is off. The software is called PowerOffHijack and when running can send SMSCEs can make calls and can capture images with the camera. I think the most interesting thing about this virus is how it operates, which is extremely simple and ingenious.

Since it was infected, the mobile device no longer has access to the classic features on it power button. When you press and hold the button, classic menu appears on AndroidAnd in visual terms, the process of stopping looks the same as standard. But everything is just an illusion, created by PowerOffHijack virus. From the information currently available shows that it acts only when mobile phone is in this state false stop.

Virus PowerOffHijack was discovered by AVG on devices in China, over 10.000 devices being already affected. It only affects smartphones running the latest version of Android, 5.0 Lollipop. Let's hope that if the virus was discovered, Google to fix the vulnerability in future versions of the operating system, if it is a software problem or.

Considering that require root PowerOffHijack, chances are minimal that it be installed surfing the internet or downloading an application from Google Play Store. As usual, Google advises us to only install applications from the store or official are checked before publication. AVG says or antivirus software for Android PowerOffHijack virus rapidly detect and automatically remove it, but to be sure that you protect your phone company suggests removing the battery.


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