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Pixelmator, the best photo editor for iPad

According to statistics conducted in mid 2014, users Mobile Phones Share every day more than one billion images only through FacebookAnd 90% of them do not ever use another capture tool. So it is clear that Photo editing applications enjoy success, but those who want something more than a pack of filters and some simple adjustments have not even provide so many options.

App Store abounds in photo editing applications, most of which are prosimple leads that use the toolkit provided by Aviary orpromarkets of these. Those who want something more do not have too many really powerful options at hand, on this list entering Photoshop touch, Photo Power, laminar Pro or photogenic. a proshower available for some time on OS X platform, Pixelmator made the leap to the iPad last fall, and how the iPhone version is proMass for one of the days of this month, it's time to analyze this as well produe.

Momentary, Adobe Photoshop Touch remains the best Photo editor available on the iOS platformAlthough prothe shower is penalized by the interface that has not escaped the old desktop. Giving up some facilities, the application Pixelmator found the opposite and provides a simple and efficient work environment. In fact, users will be impressed by the simplicity even working environment interface Pixelmator much like the one used by proshowers in the suite iWorkOffering virtually only three buttons, behind which hide all the instruments working.

Pixelmator play option for cropping, rotating and adjustable filter package. Among them are found as simple tools Hue and Saturation or Black & WhiteBut also more serious and tools Blur, Sharpen, Noise, Defocus or Tilt Shift. This mix of filters and effects seems strange, but since you learn where to find them, this will no longer be a prostated problems. Among these effects are pinch or Bump, Functions that allow deformation of an image and use it to simulate a 3D a perspective assembly.

Editing options are powerful imaging parameters, which are hidden in the Adjust Color menu. Beyond the indispensable type filters Instagram, Pixelmator offers options for adjustment White / Black / Midpoint, Curves, white balance and classic potentiometers for brightness, contrast, saturation, color balance, hue and temperature.

Being a photo editor responsible Pixelmator allows pixel-level editing and its tools are tough enough for even the most demanding. Along with the free selection mundane ways, rectangular or elliptical, the application offers a Magic Wand efficiently. The user will be able to achieve in the image he wants and finger movement triggers growth factor tolerance until we are satisfied with the result. Of course there is no shortage of ways to add or remove a selected area, and how Refine feather-tune the site to remove unsightly edges. Retouch options are optimal pixel level, providing application Repair (similar Healing Brush from Adobe Photoshop), Sharpen, Soften, Smudge, etc. Each tool allows options for fine intensity, surpassing in this way classical applications like Aviary.

Although not a tool for artistic creation like ArtStudio, Pixelmator offers a very consistent set of coughs for drawing and increased compatibility with Bluetooth stylus from Wacom sites and Adon. All these tools are worth so much because Pixelmator working with layers. Those who want to build complex assemblies can insert new images, text, vector objects prefabricated colored backgrounds, and all these elements will be placed on different layers. Also, users can apply these layers shadows, outlines or content, they can adjust transparency, can control arrangement and can insert text blocks that provide complex typographic adjustments. The work environment is complemented by a multiple Undo function, ruler for measuring the size and alignment guides.

The application Pixelmator is available in the App Store at a price of € 9,99 and is currently only compatible with iPad tablets. Also, prothe leader of proThe universal version that will also work on the iPhone will be launched until the beginning of next month, and the application is offered until then at a reduced price of € 4,99.


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