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Over 50 organizations demand the removal of bloatware applications on Android

Privacy International requires Google to remove pre-installed applications from Android

We all know that when buying a smartphone with Android, it comes with a package of pre-installed applications, which we do not have access to uninstall from the operating system Android. Many of these applications consume from hardware resources of the device (CPU, memory, storage space), without the simple user being able to prevent this.

In an open letter signed by more than 50 organizations, "Privacy InternationalHe asks Google to give up these bloatware applications on the operating system Android or allow users to uninstall them when the smartphone is initialized.
Pre-installed applications come, many of them are not present in either Google Playand their privileges and access to the information in the system are far beyond those of ordinary applications. It shows in the letter that 91% of the bloatware applications are not present in Google Play and users do not have access to information about their activity on the system. At the same time, the high level of access to the operating system, can make security breaches, and the personal data of the users can reach third persons or companies.
This cannot happen when installing a regular Google Play app. Before installation, the user must accept a series of permissions of the application on the mobile phone system, and the reasons for these requests are informed.

In the letter, Google is required that these pre-installed applications also comply with Google Play restrictions and that their update system be the same as standard applications, without the need for a separate account for this. prothese.

Currently, if we buy, say, a smartphone Samsung from a mobile operator, on Android we will find applications pre-installed so Samsung as well as the operator from whom we purchased the device. Many of these applications no longer receive updates or if they have been withdrawn after a while, the user will remain with a totally useless and unsafe application on the smartphone. I personally saw dozens of such applications on Android, which, although withdrawn, could not be uninstalled.

It remains to be seen whether Google has made a positive decision in this regard or will continue with this practice in the future.
What is certain is that most of these applications bring profit directly or indirectly, and giving them up would be a small hole in revenue for both prodevice drivers as well as for the operators through which they are seen.

IPhone and iPad users have a huge advantage in terms of pre-installed applications. First of all Apple does not allow intermediary operators to come up with prothe pre-installed applications on iOS, and starting 2 years ago, Apple gave free rein to the uninstallation of traditional applications on the iOS system. So users can uninstall applications Apple such as: Mail, Reminders, Notes, Calendar, Music, iTunes Store, Home and more.


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