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Office Lens, Application Business / Ofiice for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Sheets documents, cards, medical networks and any other sheets and cards pretty much occupy our place calendar or port acts.

Office Lens is an application created and developed by Microsoft Corporation, With which we can do image capture in several formate, to documents, posters, networks, business cards and other notes on a piece of paper or a poster. It is a pocket scanner that helps us keep our documents in digital format and even convert them to PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Depending on the mode chosen for capture with Office Lens, we have the options to filter, process and save the capture.

Ways to capture documents, business cards and other notes with Office Lens

Business Card - As the name suggests, this mode of Office Lens is ideal for capturing business cards. After we have the option of cutting automatic capture (crop) A business card and save it digitally in Contacts, OneNote, Cloud or Photo gallery. In the mode "Business Card”The Ofiice Lens application will automatically detect the business card and will make a clear capture only on the area in which it is located.


The white outline around the business card is automatically "drawn" by the Office Lens application, and shows us the detected space in which it is located, and for reasons of confidentiality, the blur on the text belongs to us :-)

Photo - Using this mode you can take a normal picture of a document, poster, bank card, driver's license, poster, poster or anything else you want to keep in digital format.

Document - This mode is intended exclusively for documents and pages that have contained text. After posing / scanning a document with Office Lens we have the possibility to search for a certain word or text in the scanned page / document. The format of OCR scanning Office of Lens allows us to copy, to delete or to edit text in a picture. The save / export options give us the possibility to PDF conversion, ExcelPower point or Word the page / document captured.


Whiteboard - In this way, Office Lens gives clarity to the scanned document by eliminating shadows and light reflections.

All documents, business cards or whatever you wish to scan with Office Lens will automatically save your OneDrive account, so they are stored in an online environment safe, and that you can access from any mobile phone, smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC which allows installation or connection to OneDrive.

Download and install Office Lens on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

Office Lens is available free of charge for all iOS mobile devices, Android and Windows Phone.

Download Office Lens for Android - Google Play
Download Office Lens for iOS - App Store (via iTunes)


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