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Nextgen Reader, an application attractive Windows Phone Store

Windows Phone managed to reach third place in standings operating systems for mobile terminalsBut great distance that separates it from Android si iOS looks pretty clear that the only option Microsoft is the future Windows 10. The low market share has disarmed many software developers, but where there is no official support, applications written by third parties manage to become attractive variants, and one of the best examples is NextGen Reader application.

Facebook si Twitter became the main source of News for younger users, but those who want strict control over content sources and a secluded environment of social media noise rest still appeals to traditional RSS feeds. After ubiquitous Google Reader disappeared, Feedly has become the best online service RSS, and behold, if the developers have created an official application, Nextgen Reader a successful substitute, at present, is the kind of application performance Windows Phone Store.

Optimal structure in terms of graphics, Nextgen Reader meet all design principles that Windows Phone users appreciate them. A traditional client interface is complemented by RSS App Bar with quick shortcuts to mark all articles as read, reimprospacebar and a search button, as well as two buttons for quickly adding a stream, respectively for creating a live Tile. Application Nextgen Reader proIt fits well with the Windows Phone environment and offers the variants expected by users. The application allows you to create a Live Tile for the entire list of RSS feeds, for a category or for a specific feed. Each Live Tile has the ability to display the number of unread news, headlines and even wallpapers.

The interface can be customized in detail, Nextgen Reader allowing the choice of a light or dark background, choosing a color theme or answer general native and change the font size.

Search in flow is most welcome downloaded app, which is provided in the official client Feedly Only users who have purchased a subscription.

The list of recommendations is useful, although sometimes irritating because it does not have the ability to filter already added RSS feeds, and provides a list of the most popular sources and the most frequently used tags. In terms of functionality, Nextgen Reader offers almost all the basic functions of an RSS client. The application allows you to mark as read an information or an entire stream, save a news item of interest, change the way the date is displayed in reverse order, share the news using internal routines or those integrated in the operating system, download in advance images and keeping offline a specified number of news items.

RSS feeds hold several display modes, starting and ending with a simple list mode based on images. Actual news has a layout select, which can be customized and additional options list includes interesting facts and integration ReadabilityOpening external links in Internet Explore or opening flows hosted on YouTube in dedicated applications such as MetroTube. The application integrates with multiple internal external services, along with those mentioned appearing Pocket, Instapaper, buffer, Facebook, OneNote, LinkedInTwitter si Tumblr.

NextGen Reader application can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store and is priced at € 2,99. NextGen Reader offers a trial period for those who are not yet determined. The app is universal and can be installed and operating systems Windows 8 / RT.


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