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The most recommended smartphone Android for business

When we choose a smartphone mobile phone, we must first of all consider the purposes for which we use it. If we buy a smartphone for personal use, it does not mean that it is a good choice for business. Most of the time, the most recommended smartphone Android for business, they are not to the liking of those who want to use them for personal purposes as well.

Most of the time, a smartphone for business (enterprise class) could lack features such as a high-performance camera, a quality display, a sound that does not offer an experience similar to that of a smartphone used for entertainment.

Let's see what defines an enterprise mobile phone and which are the most recommended smartphones Android for business.

What are the most recommended smartphones Android for business (Enterprise)

Security it is by far the most important feature of a smartphone for business. In addition to security, it is very important to be taken into account the environment in which the device is used, prothe connectivity pods supported (especially if connection to the organization's VPN network is needed) and battery usage time.

Phones Android recommended for business from the point of view of security

When you have to work a lot with imported documents and information, either by e-mail or stored on the phone's support, security is very important. Apart from the security measures taken at enterprise level by the IT department, prothe driver of the chosen smartphone model, must offer Security updates. If you choose a Samsung smartphone model released on the market 2-3 years ago, it will not receive security updates for a very long time. It is preferable to ensure that the model comes with a version of Android recent (if not the newest) and to be interested in the deadline until which the device will receive updates from prothe ducat.

At this time, Samsung profew updates for the next 5 years to the models Galaxy S, Galaxy A5x, Galaxy A3x, Note, XCover, Z Flip3 si Z Fold3. The complete list of enterprise mobile phones and the deadline by which they will be updated is published by Samsung at: Security maintenance release schedule and product life cycle for Enterprise Edition devices.

From the point of view of updates and security, promanufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi offer smartphone models capable of coping in the business environment.

Due to bans imposed by Google, Huawei it is not a solution for smartphone business in the USA and Europe. It does not benefit from Google Android, and the Chinese company has often been suspected of espionage through mobile devices.

Before making a choice, however, take into account that the security of a smartphone is classified into four levels: low security, medium security, high security si government security / military. It is not necessary for the mobile phone of an employee in a department where very sensitive information does not reach to be at the same level of security as the smartphone of a manager or CEO.

Phones Android recommended depending on the conditions in which they are used

Maybe you don't store or receive sensitive information by email, but you need a solid connection to the GSM network and a smartphone that can withstand less friendly conditions.

For example, for someone who works on a construction site, in agriculture, farms or other environments where the phone comes into contact with dust, water or mechanical shocks, the phone must comply IP66 and IP68 standards. Where IP66 means proprotection against dust with the impossibility of entering the phone and resistance to strong water jetsand IP68 add too resistance to immersion of more than 1m. That is, water can enter the phone if it is dropped or goes underwater with it, but this will not affect the operation.

Most smartphone models optimized for physical resistance do not have the most pleasant design or the highest hardware specifications. I am though proiected with screens resistant to shocks and scratches, they are made of materials capable of proprotect vital hardware elements in case they are hit or dropped from a height.

A good example is Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® N1. A robust smartphone that successfully performs Enterprise applications.

Smartphone Android for business
Panasonic TOUGHBOOK® N1

This smartphone supports enterprise applications from Google Play, and in addition to the IP66 and IP68 standards, it is also certified with the MIL-STD-810 (United States Military Standard). Recommended for both military aviation, military navy and ground troops. We can't say that it has a very nice design, but it definitely has a place on the list of the most recommended smartphones Android for business / enterprise.
It is also included in Google's exclusive list of smartphones for enterprise. Android Enterprise Recommended.

I would also include the battery life in terms of use. When we have a lot of work on email or applications that connect remotely via Wi-Fi, 4G or 5G, it is known that the battery usage time is quite low. It is very true that in the car and at the office we have solutions for charging the mobile phone battery. However, there are jobs that require traveling to areas where we do not have electricity sources at hand, and in addition to security, resistance to external factors, we must take into account that the smartphone is equipped with a large capacity battery that ensures satisfactory autonomy .

In conclusion, the most recommended smartphone Android for business / enterprise are those that respect security standards and user environment. I receive regular operating system updates Android and those that can brilliantly face the external factors in which they are operated. Android Enterprise Recommended it is a list that, unfortunately, is not frequently updated by Google, but it is a starting point when you have to choose a smartphone model for business.

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