Droid Ultra mistake Mororola information on the official website

Motorola inadvertently published details on its Web site about an unannounced smartphone named Ultra Droid. This page provides details about almost everything you could want to know about the phone except the way they look. This phone comes with the slogan, "think thin"(Think thin) and as shown specification, will have a thickness of 8,3mm. All about how you look sispozitivul know that you have a Kevlar body and will be made available in a "bouquet of bright colors. "

motorola-3-650x0 It did not expect the Droid Ultra to compete with smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, but this will be a solid mid-range phone. The screen will have 4.3-inchAnd have a resolution 960 x 540While processor chip will have a dual-core 1,5GHz. A camera 8 megapixels dorsal shell KevlarAlong with a blitz with LEDCEs and face only one room VGA . Android 4.1 Jelly Bean It is the operating system, and is compatible with networks 4G LTE si 3G.

The rest of the features list is pretty standard - Memory 8GB, Battery 2000mAh, DLNA, Wi-Fi and a card slot microSD - But will also NFC Built with the ability to function as a hotspot 3G or 4G. While we have not imagined. Regarding the appearance it was described like Droid Razr M.

About a release date of Droid Ultra Mototrola nobody knows anything yet, but it looks like the company will launch ahead of Moto X.


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