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Microsoft give the brand Nokia

Rumors of Microsoft's intention to quit the Nokia and Windows Phone brands for its mobile devices have emerged since 2 on Monday, but now it seems Microsoft is preparing to do so officially, Nokia's name being replaced by Microsoft Lumia. Brand change, just like the transition from to the new site Microsoft Mobile Devices, will be made gradually according to regions, the first country to adopt the new name Microsoft Lumia being France (both for mobile devices and for social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter).


Microsoft's decision to replace Nokia Lumia name is no surprise, the most popular Lumia series of smartphones the company, and Nokia mobile system Windows Phone was also recently rebranded Lumia applications. There is not yet clear whether Microsoft will use branding its smartphones with Microsoft Windows Phone Lumia name, or will opt only for Lumia or Micrsoft, this confusion will be removed only after the launch of the company's next mobile device.

Although quitting Nokia brand by Microsoft ending was a Nokia phone, this does not mean that Nokia name will disappear altogether. Last month, the vice-president of the Finnish company said in an article on the official blog, called Nokia brand still very much aliveAs it will now focus its activity in digital maps and network infrastructure.

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