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Microsoft announced Windows Phone Update 8.1 1

No better not released the final version for mobile system Windows Phone 8.1 ca microsoft and announced the first major update to it, Windows Phone Update 8.1 1Which will be available for download coming months.

For those curious to know which will include the Update, Specify that there will be no major changes to the system, but rather a series of minor improvements si fixes for various bugs and vulnerabilities. Probably the most important feature will be Live Folders, with which users can draw a tile over another (drag & drop) to create folders sorting applications (Live Tiles will continue to work and within folders created tile applications contained in sites folder is visible in the main folder tile respectively). Also, the tile to Windows Phone Store will display starting this update previews for various applications, which are automatically updated and changed every few hours.


In Windows Phone Update 8.1 1Microsoft has confirmed the availability of version beta the personal assistant Cortana China and UK, and release version alpha thereof for other countries such as Canada, India and Australia (voice prompts for these regions will have their specific accents).

Among other changes available in this update mention an updated version for application Xbox MusicWith synchronization in the background and gesture control, can select multiple fragments SMS conversations at the same time improve VPN for users WiFi networks and access controls through WP App Corner.

Although final version of the update will be available only in a few months, Microsoft has announced that Windows Phone Update 8.1 1 Developers Preview will be available to download starting next week.

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