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Microsoft has announced that all running Windows Phone Lumia devices will receive the upgrade to Windows 8 10

Microsoft day announced through a Update pe Twitter that all mobile devices Lumia currently running operating system Windows Phone 8 (And implicitly Windows Phone 8.1) Will receive future updates universal system Windows 10.


This announcement was made to ensure users Windows Phone 8 it will not repeat the story 2 years ago, when Microsoft announced users Windows Phone 7 that their phones will not receive updates on new platform, Which aroused dissatisfaction among fans of this mobile system. Decision two years ago was the most important consequence of dropping nucleus software Windows CEUsed on previous versions Windows Phone (including Windows Phone 7) in favor of the much better kernel Windows NT, Which made it impossible platform update.

Although it is not known what aspect will have new universal system Windows 10 on a mobile phoneIt will include changes a series of multiple News si improvements of some elements si native applicationsBut its core will be similar to that existing in Windows Phone 8. Windows 10 for mobile (version ARM) Will be released, according to Microsoft, only by the end of the first half of next year (2015).


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