Meebo App for iPhone [Freeware]

Fans Meebo, owners iPhoneCan breathe a sigh of relief / joy almost 1 year when he announced application Meebo for iPhone, This shoving and has made its way into App Store (Which means that you will not have to use Meebo through SafariI mean ... hurray! : P), many voices (of users, of course) already saying that this is one of the best free iPhone apps IM.

meebo_iphone1 meebo_iphone2 meebo_iphone3

Benefits that Meebo offers iPhone users are not ignored:

  • multi-client support (GTalk, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, AIM)
  • UI interface which allows taking more than mulor IM accounts simultaneously
  • Notifications (New message, reply, etc)
  • can set different statuses for each IM client which are connected via Meebo
  • the possibility to transfer talks on mobile on computer (Meebo browser service) are found to be broken
  • function Search through the contacts or discussions previous

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