[Mass Delete iPhone photos] How to select and delete all photos at once from iPhone - Camera Roll

IPhone users who take a lot of pictures and have or still have an Andorid, I know if on Android pictures can be deleted very easy, either by connecting to PC phone AndroidOr by selection a single touch of all pictures the House Roll. IPhone, things are a little different when it comes to deleted photos or videos made with the phone.
If we open Camera Roll pe iPhoneThe only solution is to delete his photos Select each picture separately, after which to give "Delete". It wouldn't be a proproblem, but if we have taken a few hundred pictures, it really takes time to select them all. To delete all the pictures at once, there are two options.

First variant: Mac OS X Users

1 - Connect your iPhone to a Mac / OS X.

2 - We open the utility / application “Image Capture”

Mac Image Capture

3 - On the left, under “Devices”We click on iPhoneCPC connected, then select all pictures - Command + A.

Image Capture - iPhone

4 - After selecting all the pictures, at the bottom we have a red icon sign of interizis / warning. We click on the icon and Confirm the delete the photos from iPhone.

Screen Shot at 2015 09-14-12.50.06 AM

In this way we can erase Pictures iPhoneUsing utility image Capture on Mac OS X.

Empty iPhone Camera Roll

The second method is for Windows PC.

1 - Connect the iPhone to the PC.

2 - We authorize the PC to have access to the data on the iPhone.


3 - Mergem in “this PC(I.e.Apple iPhone(I.e.Internal Storage(I.e.DCIM”- select all pictures (Ctrl + A) - Delete.

Mass delete all pictures iPhone Double Roll.


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