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Plus 6 6 iPhone and iPhone will be officially launched in Romania on October 31

Since its launch on devices September 19, Apple announced the availability iPhone 6 si 6 iPhone Plus will vary depending on region. Currently, the two iPhones in the generation of 6 already publicly available for purchase in 33 countries (Which include the USA, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and Turkey). Recently though (ie after two days on 13 October), Apple published data for these waves releases for the two terminals in other 36 regionsWhich will up the number of countries where the iPhone will sell 6 officiateit by the end of October to 69 (By the end of this year, Apple plans to launch new iPhone in smartphones 115 countries).


In Romania, iPhone 6 si 6 iPhone Plus will be officially launched on 31 October, Mobile operator Vodafone already announced that they are available for Preorder, while Telekom si Orange will let go to preorders on 24 October.

Considering that by the end of October the two devices iPhone 6 will become officially available in over half the countries announced Apple their official launch, it seems that iPhone launch 6 became launch fastest smartphone history Apple.


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