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iPhone 5S (16 GB) - Prices (without subscription) for iPhone 5S !!!

Much awaited phone iPhone 5S from AppleIs available today and in Online Stores in Romania.
Black version (iPhone 5 Black - 16GB) Is available starting today in Evomag offer to price £ 4.499.

Honestly, the price is a little steep considering that iPhone 5S does not come back improvements that give users even more than that, running the latest operating system, iOS 7 which in the opinion of many iPhone users este .is a big fail (we will come back with details). Compared to iPhone 5, IPhone 5S comes with a more powerful processor (which the iPhone still the 5 is more than enough) with fingerprint reader on the button "Home"(touch ID) And a price £ 1.500 5 over iPhone.


My opinion is clear (iPhone 5 holder). The price is too high! Proskillfully I would have been tempted to buy an iPhone 5S, if the operating system iOS 7 promore bribes. But at the moment, iOS 7 offers a graphical interface no business or even decent, many bugs (like headphones - headphones - do not work, incomplete synchronization of contacts, etc.) and lag (jerking).


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