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4.0 iPhone Preview

For those who still have not learned Apple presentation made yesterday iPhone mobile operating system 4.0. If you are interested, first of all you should know that features of the new iPhone and what are the major changes thereto.

  • first 4.0 iPhone will be multitasking: Users have called and Apple complied. The system will include a quick way to switch from one application to another without any of the open applications to be affected (improved support for background).

"Thes services include background audio, so apps like Pandora of can play music in the background, and VoIP, so VoIP apps CAN RECEIVE VoIP call Even the when the iPhone is asleep or the user is running other apps. IPhone OS 4 provides multitasking to third party apps while preserving battery life and foreground app performance, The which has until now proved elusive on mobile devices. "

  • another interesting feature will be ability to organize applications in folders (Administration much simpler) option that until now has been felt acutely lack, especially for users who have the habit to download many applications on iPhones endowment.

"Simply drag one app icon onto Another, and a new folder is automatically created. The folder is automatically GIVEN the name based on the App Store category of That app, Such as" Games, "Which of can easily rename the user."

iphone4.0-1 iphone4.0-2
  • support for e-mail It will also be improved with compact inbox (ability to receive emails from different accounts in the same inbox) plus the ability to group emails into conversations.
  • 4.0 will offer iPhone Support for companiesWhich will include a more secure encryption of electronic messages (E-mail) SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer virtual private network) included distribution wireless for companies that want to use custom applications for daily activities.
  • Another novelty will be and network gaming, Similar to Xbox Live, the same level users can play against each other any network game.

"We wanted to make this YS - we've added a social gaming network. We do automatic matchmaking, we'll find others with a similar Ability and match Them against you. You Can see how you're progressing in a game with achievements. "

  • and last but not least, hell: mobile advertising network Apple. This will be implemented in iPhone applications, so that the ads do not overlap with them during use by users. In addition, iAd will mean extra revenue for iPhone application developers because Apple promised that 60% of the winnings will be returned to them.

iPhone will be available for mobile 4.0 iPhone starting this summer and autumn iPad owners will also benefit from OS upgrade.


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