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iOS 9 larger autonomy and battery life of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

After I installed and tested new operating system for the devices iOS, iOS 9 1 Public BetaThe first thing that caught your eye, was resource optimization for battery where we want May it keep the battery on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

In the message that tells us that the battery level has dropped below 10% or under 20%, the battery optimization option appears, Low Power ModeTo prolong the operation. Basically it is a "power save" similar to the Android.


The option can be found and activated the Settings > Battery (Newly added option)> Low Power Mode. Here was moved feature that displays the percentage loading of us iPhone batteryacquis.

In Low Power Mode are deactivated until the iPhone's battery is fully charged: Mail Fetch, Background App Refresh, Automatic Downloads, and some visual effects will be reduced or disabled altogether.

I think this is the most important feature of the new system iOS 9 that the final version will be released this fall, most likely with the launch iPhone 6s si 6s iPhone Plus.


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