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Internet Browser with Flash support for iPhone

We know the long position against the implementation of Steve Jobs Flash applications on the devices Apple ( ,   or iPod Touch). Poor security, a lot of energy and operating system hardship, are the main reasons Steve Jobs does not agree to give Flash Player on the devices Apple.

Skyfire ( for mobile devices) is going to try "sea with your finger"… and it looks like it will be successful. They created a Skyfire browser for the devices iPhone, iPod, iPad si iPod TouchAble to transform real-time content Flash in HTML5. HTML5 - Technology approved by Apple.

Skyfire Flash-iphone

Reasons for Skyfire has a good chance to receive approval in the App Store, developers are changes made to reduce energy consumption, in strengthen security and optimize maximum resource consumption.
If Skyfire will be aproin one App StoreThen we have a good chance to watch videos and Flash applications on our devices. iPhone, iPod, iPad

Currently the most widely used internet browser pe deviceMobile APIs is MiniWhich allows automatic conversion of its content in Flash content HTML5.


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