IGO8 installation on HTC DIAMOND - Very simple

Owners HTC who love travel or are forced to travel by car through the country or abroad, can be found in HTC Diamond a genuine GPS navigation system.
HTC Diamond is not receiving slot SD Card, But has a internal memory 4GB enough to install your browser GPS - iGO8.

HTC diamond

Installing iGO on HTC Diamond is slightly different from installing on other GPS-enabled devices, just because the HTC does not have SD Card. If you want to install iGO 8 on a HTC Diamond you will need to follow the installation tutorial below:

8 iGO installation on HTC Diamond

1. First unpack your computer iGO8
In iGo8 folder you will find two folders (that you use original archive). iGo8 si 2577. Ignore / delete folder and 2577 copy the folder iGo8 in on your HTC in Internal Storage.

igo8 folder

3. Rename (Rename) file application.dat in iGO8.exe.


4. Open and edit the file sys.txt (Found in the same folder). In SYS.TXT you should have:


5. Save and run iGO8.exe.

We tested this method on a HTC Diamond bought from Orange. He went first no problems.
Maps and kit voice for Romanian (John) will you find on the net or ... from us. Soon :)



  1. specification
    after change text Internal Storage / iGO8 closing quotes and slveaza
    in the picture above clearly shows what is after igo8 .. be made "

    the rest goes well

  2. Hello
    I bought IGO 8 ptr. HTC Touch HD. I installed but fails to connect to the GPS receiver and can not use. Can you help me to be cofigura and use it?

    Thank you


  3. Go to settings and activate GPS receiver. One more thing .... If you're house is very possible you will not merarga. Get the device outside or in your car.

  4. Hello, We achizitionatun HTC Diamond with igo8 first day went igo but then never mers.acum I see "A problem has ocurred with igo.exe
    Please tell Microsoft about this problem, at no cost to you.The time is used Exclusively to Improve product.
    report show details
    turn off error reporting "
    Please tell me what to do? mention that are new to smartphone.Multumesc!

  5. bonjour pouvait vous aide me the installer igo8 board c'est sur ordinateur Selu one to
    LCD touch screen 7 pouces of 800 * 480 pixels resolution
    Fonction FM / AM
    Récepteur TV
    Bluetooth Fonction
    Compatible DVD / VCD / CD / MP3 / MP4 / MPEG4 / DIVX / CD-R / USB / SD / WMA / JPEG / / Ipod
    Entrée / sortie vidéo
    Amplificateur 4x 50W
    Navigation system's GPS (WinCE 5.0)
    Dual Zone
    Commandes have Volant
    Fonction DVB-T
    Anti-shock Systeme Electronique & Mecanique
    Fonction Can Bus
    Map d 'Europe offerte

  6. I have a problem I have a HTC Diamond and I put myself IGO8 I did exactly what you said above but I get an error "The file 'IGO' can not be opened. Or not emnat with a certificate or one of its components can not be found. If ppersista problem, try reinstalling or restoring this file. "

  7. HTC HD Mini does not work anymore.
    type = "HTC HD Mini"

    app = "Internal Storage \ iGO8"

    skin = "ui_igo8"
    maxzoom2d = 6000000
    show_exit = 1

    queue_length = 200

    msnd.start = 0

    screen_x = 480
    screen_y = 320
    vga = 1

    show_guidance_strip = 1
    show_guidance_arrows = 1
    guidancearrow_first_size = 1.5
    guidancearrow_first_alpha = 24
    guidancearrow_second_size = 0.8
    guidancearrow_second_alpha = 12

    show_oneway_3d = 1
    show_oneway = 1
    show_gps_pos = 1
    skip_eula = 1
    show_pedestrian = 1
    poi_labels = 1
    show_arrows_on_route = 1
    sound_q_length = "200"
    enable_roadshow = 1

  8. I have copied 7 HTC Trophy with iGO primo resolution on storage 480 × 800 fail to reach him not to open it as-cin can help me? thank you

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