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Enhance your music experience on Android 2.3 with Equalizer

Mobile operating system Android has often been criticized for sound quality, Which often left to be desired, but with the release version Gingerbread (2.3)The possibility of using different sound equalizer solved the problem.

One of the best applications of this is Equalizer (Application of the Smart Android Apps), Which has several Feature Links that make its use to be an interesting experience:

  • 5 band EQ
  • 11 music presets
  • Can create custom presets
  • Bass Booster
  • Room Virtualizer
  • Reverb Settings
  • Widgets for Home Screen and options for Notification bar
  • Support and optimization for Tablete
  • No need for rooting

The main screen allows Equalizer enable automatic detection (Depending on genre passed tags) and selecting EQ settings for.


Equalizer lets users create music presets in the free version of the application, but to save these presets is required pro version the application (costs only 1.99$).


In Advanced Settings You can change the order Bass Booster si Virtualizer, And you can change settings for Reverb Preset (How the song "resonate" depending on different locations).


Each of these options can be enabled individually by clicking on the icon Power at the top of the screen.


Equalizer allows users (even in the free version) to use widgets to quickly change sound quality when needed. Widgets them are available in two sizes, 2 x 1 si 4 x 1.

equalizer widget

Download Equalizer (Free Version) via Android Market.

Download Equalizer Unlock Key.

If another use Android 2.2 (Froyo) or earlier, unfortunately you can not use EQ applications on these systems, but the good news is that there PowerAMP Music Player (Trial 15 free days), A audio player with equalizer includedwith default presets and the ability to create new ones (price application is 5.17$).


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