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M8 HTC smartphone will be the next main company in 2014

HTC is already occupied by the next generation of premium handsets, one of which will arrive later this year, according to reports.

HTC is planning to launch an updated version of HTC One later 2013, In accordance with the "A source familiar with the matter"Speaking website Pocket Lint, an entirely new model is already planned 2014.

This model is now called HTC 2014 M8, although different names have been used for the suppliers to keep the details hidden. Also, no detail is currently available only outside of the fact that this model is in development that will launch next year.

HTC_One_3But this is not the next big launch HTC. The company is looking to launch a HTC One with updated hardware, possibly focus to replace the processor with a chipset jump from Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 la Snapdragon 800. It is a modest move, rather like the one made by HTC de One X la One X +.

But that's not even all HTC is also looking to make the lines One si ButerflyA receiver of a plastic material 2014. Again, no real detail, but as you approach the end of it, you have to expect an explosion of rumors and activities for HTC M8 but also for other models.


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