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High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) will greatly reduce the space occupied on the iPhone and iPad

Until now, we have been accustomed to being close to each time one software maker or developer promises performance after an update, it actually means a smaller space on the device and even complicate the system.

iOS 11 seems to no longer follow this "rule," and the owners of the iPhone si iPadwill no longer have the stress of the space occupied on the device with pictures and movies.
New technology HEVC (H.265) implemented by Apple pe iOS 11 will allow better compression a File photo si video caught with apiculture Camera, and for photo the format will also be entered HEIFHigh Efficiency Image File Format.

What is High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)

It is not new. It is used by Apple from 2015 to save bandwidth (bandwidth) in FaceTime video calls. So using the codecHEVCare possible video calls in HD format with low internet traffic. Very useful when we are connected to a mobile network 4G cu limited traffic.
The format was also used by Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, but only for non-mobile devices.

What is High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)

High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF), is Apple's new image / photo format. If until now we were accustomed to it picture to be in .JPG format (which has become synonymous with the digital image), iPhone and iPad users will get to know .heic. This new format will also be used byHEVCto encode images from video recordings. They will be half the size of JPG and H.264, while maintaining image quality. Normally, encoding and decoding will be much faster than JPG.

Therefore. the biggest advantage of the new HEIF format is saving the picture and video space on iPhones and iPads, while preserving image quality.

For iPhone users who need to view photos on Windows, iOS 11 will automatically convert from .heic to .JPG when exported to Windows PC.

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  1. Miten saan HEIC muodon kuvat takaisin JPG muotoon? You can use the JPG and JPG images in HEIC, and you will not be able to view them anymore. Esitystä varten tarvitsen kuvat isoina näytössä, enkä ole onnistunut vielä "poistamaan" HEIC muotoa. I do not know how to make iPhonella or not and how much I do not know about it, so I can not see it anymore - it's a pioneer!
    Kaikista vinkeistä todella kiitollinen!

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