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Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold – Specifications and prices

After years of rumors and hopes, Google is finally joining the foldable phone market with prohis first foldable phone. This is Google Pixel Fold, its first foldable phone, and unlike the rest of the Pixel line, this is a premium and expensive device that doesn't shy away from competing with the best devices, both in terms of features and price. Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold – Specifications and prices.

The price for Pixel Fold starts at $1.800, and this probabil is no coincidence. This is exactly the same price as the biggest competitor, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but Google managed to recover the gap of four years that Samsung does it have in the flip phone market? Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold.

This is the biggest question about Pixel Fold, and Google starts differentiating itself from Samsung's foldable right from the start. Pixel Fold opens like a book, just like Galaxy Fold, but it has different sizes. It's not as tall, it has a wider and arguably more comfortable outer screen, Google has created a more durable hinge, and it's also added a lot of really cool software features that make use of this phone's ability to stand on its own .

Google Pixel Fold Specifications

Here is an overview of the specifications Pixel Fold against major rivals.

Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold - Specifications
Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold - Technical specifications

The special specs I noticed about Pixel Fold are that it is thinner than the Galaxy, while also having a battery capacity of aprowaters 10% higher. However, no laws of physics have been broken because it weighs more.

Google Pixel Fold – Colors and Design

Open, with a large 7,6-inch screen, Pixel Fold it will be big and heavy. A disadvantage in Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold.

In terms of design, Pixel Fold is actually thinner than Galaxy Fold and shorter so it fits more easily in a pocket. At the same time, Google's foldable phone weighs quite a lot at 283 grams (10 ounces). It is quite difficult to carry in a pocket!

Also, a look at Pixel Fold and you'll know it belongs to the Pixel family thanks to the usual camera bar on the back of the phone.

Google Pixel Fold - Colors and Design
Google Pixel Fold – Colors and Design

The big concern with foldable phones is always durability, and we're glad that Google promove the hinge off Pixel Fold as being extremely durable, better than that of Galaxy Fold 4. Of course, time will be the best judge, but so far, this is gratifying.

Google's foldable phone comes in two colors: Porcelain and Obsidian, meaning a white version and a black version.

Display Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold

7,6 inch is a tablet display.

Display Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold
Display Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold

The outer screen of Pixel Fold it's wider, giving you valuable typing space, which is a common complaint about the form factor Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Flip open the phone and you're treated to a large 7,6-inch main screen. Interestingly, there is this large bezel for the main screen that steals from the design. I haven't seen anything this big on other flip phones. We don't know if this is intentional, it's not a very nice sight, but it might help with accidental touches when picking up the phone.

Display Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold
Display Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold

On a positive note, both the outer and main screens run at a refresh rateproup to 120Hz playback for ultra-smooth scrolling.

Is there a "wrinkle"? The answer is yes, as so far this seems to be a thing that comes with the folding feature.

For biometrics, Google uses a fingerprint scanner built into the power key on the side of the phone, just like Samsung does with its Fold series.

Camera – Google Pixel Fold

In terms of design, the camera bar on the back of the phone, which stands out in relief, attracts the most attention.

It houses three main cameras, very similar to the ones on the Pixel 7 Pro, so you'll have a main lens (wide), an ultra-wide and a 5x periscope zoom lens.

The room - Google Pixel Fold
Camera – Google Pixel Fold

Pixel Fold it also has a selfie camera on the outer screen and a tablet-sized one on the main screen. But if you can, you should use the main cameras for higher-quality selfies, because you can simply turn the phone with its back to dvs. and the display on the lid serves as a viewfinder.

Pixel Fold Performance & Benchmarks

Pixel Fold is powered by the chip Google Tensor G2, and this is the same chip used in the series Pixel 7 and also yes it is the same chip used in the Pixel 7a.

And this is it probabil the most controversial decision that Google made with Pixel Fold: a super-premium phone that costs a fortune and … comes with the same chip you use on a $500 phone? This doesn't sound very good.

Tensor G2 it's a pretty decent chip in its own right, but make no mistake – it's not suitable for prothe Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is expected to power Samsung Galaxy Fold 5! So if you care about long-term performance or running more intensive tasks or gaming, well… Pixel Fold it's not the fastest.

Otherwise, the basic model Pixel Fold comes with 12 GB of RAM LPDDR5 and the base model has 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage, or you can step up to 512GB of storage for a slightly higher price.

Pixel Fold – Version Android and software

Pixel Fold comes with special software, offering a number of interesting features that use the foldable form:

Tabletop mode – place the phone on a table and half open it to watch videos. This feature is perfect for YouTube, half the screen shows the video and the other half offers quick controls (these will come with an app update).

Tabletop mode for photography – you can leave your phone on a table, set a timer and take a photo with a group of friends without needing a tripod. This feature is also great for astrophotography, as you can point your cameras skyward and take a shot of the Milky Way!

Tabletop fashion
Tabletop fashion

Camera Selfie Mode – use the outer screen as a viewfinder and take a selfie using your phone's main cameras for the best selfie quality on a Pixel.

Android 14 comes with features like:

Dual Screen interpreter – use both screens to translate a conversation in real time and the person you're talking to will see proyour positions translated on the external screen.

We're also curious to experience split mode and the overall approach to multitasking, which are so important for a foldable phone.

How long will it takemi Pixel Fold software updates? Google profive years of security updates, but we still have no information on how many years of major OS updates it will receive.

Battery life Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold

Its considerable weight Pixel Fold it is definitely a disadvantage, but on the other hand, it allows a battery with aprowaters 10% higher than the one on Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung.

Galaxy Fold 4 comes with a 4.400mAh battery, too Pixel Fold increases this value to 4.821mAh. That's a significant increase, especially for such a thin phone.

Official battery life numbers for Pixel Fold are as follows: 24 hours on average or up to 72 hours in power saving mode.

Upload speed Pixel Fold

Pixel it is known for its slow charging speed compared to other phones in the industry and Pixel Fold is no exception.

Google recommends its 30W charger, but the phone only supports wired charging up to 21W, which seems very slow for such a large battery. As a side note, the Pixel 7 Pro supports charging at 23W, so not much more.

There's also support for wireless charging, but again, at rather slow speeds of just 7,5W.

Pixel Fold Audio Quality & Haptics

Flip phones are larger in size and this provides an opportunity to use speakers with higher quality sound than traditional phones.

I saw that the phones Galaxy Fold they consistently have better speakers than, say, the Galaxy S series.

We expect a similar powerful speaker system on Pixel Fold, but so far we don't have any information about the exact specifications or sound quality.

Google proit also offers the same haptic experience as the Pixel 7 Pro, even though the slimmer design forced the company to reproeject the phone from inside.

Google Pixel Fold vs. Galaxy Fold

The biggest rival of Pixel Fold it's clear Galaxy Z Fold 4, but mostly Galaxy Z Fold 5 due out in August, just a few months after launch Pixel Fold. This phone will bring many improvements, including a new and more powerful one procesor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which surpasses the Tensor G2. However, the phone will still be taller and not as comfortable as Pixel Fold.

Another great alternative is Oppo Find N2. It's also a foldable phone that opens up like a book, but it's much more compact and lightweight. It doesn't have the periscope zoom function, but it's very interesting otherwise. Unfortunately, you can't officially buy this phone outside of China.

Conclusion Google Pixel Fold

It's good news that Google has entered the world of foldable phones. Although many companies in China have launched impressive foldable phones, Pixel Fold it is the only one available in the West.

We like the fact that the phone has a wider shape, which seems more practical than the a Galaxy Fold, we love how thin it is and how strong the hinge is and proprotection against water.

The only thing that makes us doubt the very high price of 1800 dollars and the slower Tensor G2 chip. Buyers should also know that Pixel Fold it is one of the heaviest foldable phones on the market.

Is it worth buying?

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