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Google Maps quickly accessing your Gmail and Calendar

application Google Maps for Android, updated at the end of April, brought various minor improvements and implemented a way to upload multiple images, but it seems like 9.8 version hides some interesting tricks to quickly access calendar events or reservations for restaurants, hotels or flights.

Use the search fields for entering commands more or less documented is not new for Google, users remembering proexamples such as offline saving of maps from Google Maps or recent call Find my Phone from Google Search. The recent 9.8 version of Google Maps Android uses a similar trick, text field used to search an address can be used to fast access of personal information indexed by Google.

Orders placed recently in the interface Google Maps for Android are My events, My Flights, My hotels si My reservationsAnd their use will bring to light the personal information stored in Gmail Account and indexed by Google. This method of access to information in the calendar or inbox is not new, Google Search si Google Now allowing for manual dialing or voice commands through these orders, but integration navigation service Google Maps make them more useful in situations where you need and directions anyway.

If integration Google Search or Google Now works in browser Chrome regardless of the platform used, the integration of controls My events, My Flights, My hotels si My reservations currently only works if Google Maps for Android application.


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