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Google Project Tango uses the smartphone to make an 3D map of the world

Google has launched "Project Tango ”, an experimental smartphone and development kit that incorporates 3D sensors capable of scanning the environment. It is designed as an 5 inch phone, which contains special hardware and software, a GPS antenna that allows you to locate the smartphone you own. Of course, there are models that can take 3D photos. The first prototype of ProThe Tango jet makes more than a quarter of a million 3D measurements every second, finding the three-dimensional motion that creates a 3D visual map of the space around it.


Project Tango is, in fact, an intersection between several technologies, including photo technologies, sensor technologies, inertial measurements and advanced processing. All this forms a string of data that records the environmental changes around the smartphone and forms a real-time 3D map. The usefulness of this type of map could range from helping people with disabilities to applications in architecture, interior design and other similar industries.

The company imagined Prothe Tango jet as the first step towards the gaming world that blends in with the real world locations.


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