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Google has released Android P Developer Preview 1 - News and Features

Google has made a tradition in the last three years to release in the preview version the future operating system Android. This year is the third consecutive year Google provides developers with a "Developer Preview" (DP) version for the new one Android.

The new Android P comes with a number of changes and new features of applications and many changes to the basic system. Both at the code level and at the user interface level. Android P will also have a new notification system and a new interface for notifications, settings and settings and quick settings.

Android P Developer Preview 1 is dedicated only to developers, from which Google gathers feedback on how to expand and display.

New features for apps and developers on Android P

With the latest Android market launching Android devices with unique screen sizes and shapes, the new Android P will be looking to manage applications and interface for each resolution and size. Also, the edge-to-edge smartphones with top-notch smartphones like the iPhone X will also be taken into account. This design involves a separate graphical management of the top bar.
New APIs will allow developers to manage how content is displayed.
Redeveloping and redesigning the notification system in apiculture greatly improves visibility and functionality. Specifically, applications can display conversations, pictures, stickers, and smart response features.

For images, the new APIs will allow simultaneous streams from two or more rooms. A very necessary API, taking into account that the trends of new devices are moving towards dual cameras. These will make the multi-camera feature for zoom, bokeh and stereo viewing possible.

For media content, Android P will have HDR VP9 support for HDR videos available on YouTube and Play Movies. HEIF Compression Launched by Apple on iOS and macOS is also present in the new APIs.
Another feature will allow you to position yourself inside with WiFi Round-Trip-Time. It will be possible to set the distance from the device to the wireless access point. Router.
Significant improvements will be made to Android P and Neural Network API, Autofill, Open Mobile API for secure payments and NFC transactions.

Android P will also bring significant changes in application security and user privacy. We will not see any applications that ask for access to contacts, microphone or camera. A dialog will also be implemented to request fingerprint activation to access HTTP unencrypted web pages.

Currently, Android P DP! is available for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL devices


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