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[Fix / How To] new application News (News App by Apple) iOS missing from 9

Apple has been introduced with the release of iOS 9 and the application News. A very useful application, it provides news in all fields of interest. From IT policy and medicine.


The problem though is that this application is included on iOS 9 and can be downloaded from App StoreIt is not on all the devices iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which was installed iOS 9.
The News App is currently only available for devices registered in the United States. However, I personally noticed the lack of News because I have two iOS 9 iPhone registered in Romania. One installed the application and the other ... no.


How to Install iOS News from 9 on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Medoda is quite simple in principle. When you install the operating system clean, select English and choose the country of origin United States. Another option would be recording Apple ID on the United States. We can do this by following a tutorial on stealthsettings.com: How can install applications from the iTunes Store are available only for certain countries.

Follow this tutorial to install application News on iOS 9.

News App missing in iOS 9 / iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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