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What news does it bring? Android 14 beta 1

Until we see the final version of Android 14, which will be available sometime towards the end of June, let's see how you can install it and what news it brings Android 14 beta 1.

Google has announced that it will release the latest preview version of its next version Android, Android 14 Beta 1. Unlike the two previous developer versions, this beta version can be easily installed by enrolling your phone dvs. Pixel în Android Beta Program. Even if you are not a developer, this is a public release. With the availability of the first beta, proGoogle plans to have three more beta releases before the final release sometime after July.

What news does it bring? Android 14 beta 1

Google is still not revealing much about the new features in the Android 14 Beta 1, but we are sure that experts like Mishaal Rahman they will discover a lot of yet unannounced capabilities in this release Android 14. Officially, the company is only revealing a few details we already knew.

Google says you can expect a new themed back arrow Material You when using gesture navigation. This is already available in Developer Preview 2 and from what I have observed, the new feature complements the wallpaper and theme of the device very well.

What news does it bring? Android 14 beta 1
What news does it bring? Android 14 beta 1

We also expect improvements to predictive back gestures, which is an addition to back navigation designed to bring the screen you're about to visit to the fore as you navigate back. A quite useful function in navigation, which Google has been working on for a long time.

This new system also brings an improvement in the security of devices with Android 14.

Android 14 enter the attribute accessibilityDataSensitive, which allows apps to limit the visibility of certain views only to accessibility services which focuses on users with disabilities. Play Protect ensures that applications downloaded from Play Store are truthful about these statements. TalkBack and other services that claim to help users with disabilities will not be affected by this attribute.

Applications can use accessibilityDataSensitive to proprotect user data (such as personal details or text passwords) and to prevent accidental execution of critical actions (Such as money transfer or placing an order in a shopping application).

We'll be back with more information as we test Android 14 Beta 1. Have you installed it yet? What can you tell us about him?

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