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Ello, a new social network that offers privacy and lack commercials

Currently, online starts to become increasingly concerned about the privacy and social networks is proprobably the easiest way to get rid of it, because the companies behind them use the private data of consumers to serve them advertisements. Acting on software platform iOS, Ello application It comes as a response to Facebook, Instagram si Twitter, offering a much more intimate online socialization solution, proits mission being the lack of advertisements. Launched in 2014, exclusively in the browser, the new network Ello recently received a application for mobile devicesThat seems to work in optimal direction, the opposite park Facebook.

What is surprising is that those from Ello they don't want to sell anything, because the application interface is simple and without bright colors. The color range of the application includes white, black and dull shades of gray, which do not distract from the content. Buttons and menus are designed to be functional, not to direct the user to Banner si Sponsored links.


The main display, accessed through the central button in a circular shape, includes the menus Friends si Noise. Section Friends It is a normal news flow, where articles appear only friends list Ello. Each article includes information such as the number of hits fast, number of comments, number of likes and the number of share sites. Section Noise It is a crowded news feeds, which is composed solely of posts of users you follow, but does not consider them friends. Another difference between the two sections is the presentation. In menu Friends view messages on one column, while Noise displays more content on the screen, using two columns.

The first button on the left side is called Discover and shows popular articles published by various users of social networking, can in this way to find accounts that follow them. Here there is the button that guides you to find your friends on the telephone address Ello. Next to Discover is the notification button, and the buttons aligned to the right of the screen take you to propersonal thread. In this place, you can add only text and images, without advanced editing or formatting functions.


Ello it is, in fact, a "light" social network, with basic functions, which is why it has not managed, so far, to become very popular. Currently, its most active users are graphic artists, who publish their creations on Ello, Giving the famous Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for fear that large corporations could use the images for commercial purposes without their agreement.

It is, however, too early to guess fate Ello. The application for mobile devices is very well made, offering the strict necessary to be able to interact with friends and to publish articles. Protalk that, with the evolution Ello networkWill be added as more advanced functions publication of matereal video.

The application is available free Ello Apple AppStore.

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