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Task Manager for Windows Mobile

As with all operating systems Microsoft Windowsand Windows Mobile are found processation of installed applications and system drivers. If on a system Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, Task Manager can be opened in two clicks (right-click on taskbar and click Start Task Manager) or key combination Ctrl + Shift + ESC, on Windows Mobile systems, the Task Manager is a bit shielded from the user's eyes and we need an application.

Start Task Manager for Windows Mobile is a Application. cab compatible on most smartphoneSites running Windows Mobile.

The STaskManager application gives you the opportunity to see everything prothe terminals running on the system and how much memory each consumes.


If you see an application that consumes a lot will not be useful or not basic to the functioning of the system, you can stop running them. Kill Process.


The application has been tested by us on HTC Diamond.


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