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Download Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 for Windows Mobile - Flash Support

How about we can playing on the phone, flash games onlineDirectly on sites Online Games? It would be nice… but for that we have to consider as Mobile Internet BrowserOur phone to support Adobe Flash Player. So far, not many mobile browsers have been built to offer this feature, and those who have tried (Bold Browser) have not been very successful due to the performance of mobile devices. Memory and proweak or nonexistent.

Opera Mobile / Opera Mini is the most popular browser for mobile phones and smartphones (BlackBerry, NOKIA Symbian, LG, Samsung), being the most aprowaters the needs of users who are accustomed to visiting sites on the phone. Brands like HTC, NOKIA, Sony-Ericsson have implemented Opera Browser as the default Internet Browser on their devices. Until HTCSites in Orange running Windows MobileHave set Opera Mobile as the default browser. The reason? A powerful and fast growing browser.
Last week, Opera released a new beta of future mobile browser. As a novelty, Opera Mobile Beta 10 3 Windows Mobile is able to play Flash content on websites visited (Adobe Flash Player Mobile). Their banners, games and Flash applications The sites can now run in a mobile phone browser. This new capability is currently available only for the version of Opera Mobile dedicated smartphonefixes may touch screen cu Windows Mobile.

10-beta operator

To enable this capability in Opera Mobile Beta 10 3 will need to enter Tools > Settings > Advanced and activate plug-ins - ON.

Download Opera Mobile Beta 10 3 for Windows Mobile - / mobile (From mobile phone browser).



  1. "As a novelty, Opera Mobile 10 Beta 3 for Windows Mobile, is able to play flash content from visited sites…" which site exactly? where do you get the information from? ;)

  2. @ Emyoo
    you can test on any site that has flash content. but if you don't procesor zdravan la mobil, lasa-te pagubas. You can find the information on the official opera website.

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