Download Nokia Firmware Update E72 v54.005

recently launched a update for one of the top phones business class, .


The new firmware was released with version number 54.005, and it does not exceed more than 1MB. Enough yet made to increase performances si stability Nokia's device E72.

e72 nokia update

News brought by the new software release for Nokia E72.

- have been added SIM Lock 3.0 si B2B Certificates.
- the date after resetting the device was set to week 47 of 2010.
- after the hard reset of the device (hard reset), the shortcut Camera He was replaced by Ovi Store the Home Screen.
- deleted the service files Ovi Files and removed application Vlingo.
- pushing of camera performance, Especially in auto-focus.

The update is available OTA or by Nokia Software Updater / Nokia Ovi Suite.



  1. I just bought an E72 from vodafone and it has one prothe problem that bothers me, namely the CTRL key does not work for silent switching. Can it be solved with this upgrade, or do I already take it to the service?
    It is still a big jerk to people from vodafone, I learned that it is a common bug in this model.

  2. I also got an E72 these days from emag, but I don't have one prothis problem. Choar if you upgrade your software you do not lose the warranty. So you can try.

  3. Dobrý den

    Poradte mi coupil jsem si nokiu e72 ve Španelsku a mam vnutri telefon španelskou kartu kamarat mi dal don? Eštinu ale když dam? Eskou kartu do mobilu napiše mi sim carta je neplatna tak prosim poradte mi? o mam udelat abych vedel ptal jsem se vo vice bazarech a tam mi? ekli že to nedelaji vubec kto by byl ochotny mi v tom poradit klidne zaplatim do 500 k? maximalne kdyby to šlo neni problem dekuji Marek 602546005

  4. Hello!
    I just got a nokia e72 abroad but when I try to install a game and I give him is ok Forward, detailed, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, Delete All Files and Sort please anyone knows how to install?

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