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Download & Install iOS 10.3 7 Public Beta for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Apple released the following day, latest update future operating system iOS 10.3.

Previous versions of iOS, rarely have so many Beta was released before the final version. If 10.3 iOS, has reached version 7 Public Beta and it is likely to see a 8 Beta to final release, available on all mobile devices Apple.

What's new Public Beta of iOS 7 10.3?

Beta versions are designed for developers and those who want to test new changes to the operating system. to this address Learn how you can enroll your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to download install the Beta versions.
7 Public Beta is a fairly consistent update, if it is to take the volume. Has not less than 406,2 MBAnd although they do not bring any significant change to the interface. There are changes in the system and few new sites feature included. The most notable and we talked about it is the option that owners headphones AirPods I can locate them when they are lost / stolen somewhere. The service is called "Find My AirPods"And it is available via the application"Find My iPhone"Present on all operating systems iOS.

Notable is the change that occurs at the hardware level. 10.3 With iOS, Apple introduces "Apple File System (APFS)". The new shape is optimized for file storage flash drive / SSD and the most important feature of APFS is very strong encryption. Known "obsession" Apple data security.

A change will take place at App Store. Users can "vote" responses to questions posed developers of applications and games. "Helpful"Or"Not Helpful". Also will be limited and the number of "request review" in applications si games. Certainly happened to you that after install an application or game, repeatedly ask you to review the application. The new iOS 10.3 will limit these stressful messages, and those who are really interested in leaving a review can do it by accessing a special button for this option.

These are the most notable news to come carriage appear on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the near future. Of course in addition to these updates, Apple is trying to improve the performance of the devices and the working time of battery.

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