Network and iPhone Unlock iPhone 6 6 Plus - Network SIM Unlock

Compared with the process of release a network for phones, smartphoneAPIs running Google Android or Windows Phone iPhone 6 si 6 iPhone Plus everything is different.
Theoretical and practical free release or from home iPhone 6 and / or iPhone 6 Plus it is impossible.

Unlock Solutions for iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus bought from Orange and Vodafone.

First, if you want to buy an iPhone or iPhone 6 6 Plus at a low price, for this you have to do a subscription to one of the operators on the market. The best as TelekomBecause they do not Never block the phone network. So you can buy a subscription from Telekom iPhone, and you can use the SIM ago Orange or VodafoneWithout having to him decoded or to do other operations.

Plus 6 6 iPhone and iPhone stuck in Orange

Orange attractive deals iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus it if you decided to acquire this subscription. However keep in mind that the amount and duration of subscription (Minimum one year, maximum two years) is inversely cu buying price the iPhone. As the subscription is higher so the price is lower. Keep in mind that if you choose may purchase an iPhone with a two-year subscription during this period Apple will launch at least two new types of iPhone. Do not regret or to see in case you want a newer model but you can not because you already may purchase a subscription.
An iPhone or an iPhone 6 6 Plus its acquisition of a subscription Orange network will be blocked and you can not use SIM with another mobile operator, Vodafone and Telekom gender.
If you want to draw iPhone decodedCPC during the contract period, you can do so by contacting the operator Orange. Unlocking is done online and pretty soon, but the price basically Orange to unlock an iPhone or iPhone 6 6 Plus is 100 Eur (VAT included). After completion of the contract period, the price of the iPhone's release falls around EUR 50 Lei.

iPhone and iPhone 6 6 blocked Plus Vodafone

As with the iPhone purchased from Orange, Vodafone has attractive offers for "subscription" prices, but when it comes to unlocking the iPhone, Vodafone is slightly lower than Orange. Unlocking a network of an iPhone 6 encoded in Vodafone costs somewhere around 58 Eur the contract period, and about 10 Eur the completion of the contract period.

6 iPhone and / or iPhone 6 Plus can not be decoded in a mobile phone service or sites that offer such serivii. It can be unlocked only by the operator from whom it was bought.

Remember that unlocking is done remotely and does not have to go with your iPhone into a service.


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