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Customize sound for notification in Android MegaSound

Some applications installed on the device Android their own sound for notification (E.g., Posts received Facebook Messenger or WhatsAppor Notifications for Email), But most use default sound systemWhich makes it quite difficult for users to differentiate between them notifications (for example, the same Sound posts is used for a notification random of a game). If you want to customize the sound of notifying for each application installed on a server (or want to change the sound of notifying applications already using custom sounds), You can do using MegaSound.

MegaSound is a free application systems Android that allows users to set custom sounds for applications using Notifications (Calendar, email, IM apps, games, journals, planning applications etc).


How does MegaSound?

Immediately after installation, the application will take control of the notifications received (or will inform the user whether to Set up your order to do this). To customize sounds applications installed in the system must give tap the plus sign + displayed MegaSound interface. Select the application you want to change the sound for notification-down list, then select the sound you want to set as notifying the application that (for some applications such as Tel or Contacts you can change the sound for ringtone).


Applications which you have changed the sound for notification to MegaSound will be displayed in a list its interface. If you want to change again sound for notifying of an application from the list, please tap on it and select the new sound.

Download MegaSound for Android (via Play Store).

Note: The app is compatible with the Android 4.3 operating system (considering it is currently in beta, it will probably be compatible with previous versions of the system in the future).


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