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Customize Control Center in iOS 7 with FlipControlCenter

One of the new Feature Links Operating system iOS 7 is Control CenterThrough which users can quickly access settings and certain Feature Links si functions devices provided. The combination of shortcuts available 7 iOS Control Center but it is not an ideal one for all users, at most prothey talk about wanting to be able to customize This feature replacing some shortcuts and / or modifying their number. Although the default mode is not possible for the user to make changes in Control Center, devices that have jailbreak made to iOS7 CC can customize with your tweak's for free FlipControlCenter available in Cydia.


after installing FlipControlCenterIt adds a new entry to the Settings. menu it has three options through which users can choose from a number of shortcuts available which will be displayed in the Control Center (can be Added shortcuts new can be modified shortcuts visible or may be hidden all shortcuts CC).

FlipControlCenter-IOS Switches

Currently, among the shortcuts displayed in the bottom of the Control Center can be customized, but hopefully this will be fixed in a Next version.

FlipControlCenter is currently in progress beta, And can be accessed by users they must repositor inserted in Cydia > tab Manage > section Sources:

After adding repositorului, tweak your FlipControlCenter can be found in tabs Search si Changes.


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