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How do we check the battery charge level Apple Pencil or Bluetooth Handsfree on iPad / iPhone

About Apple Pencil we're not going to say a lot, because it's an auxiliary device about which thousands of articles were written. It's a great toy especially for iPad owners.

Both Bluetooth headset (handsfree) and Apple Pencil, are equipped with their own batteries to give freedom of movement to the user and not to force the connection to iPhone or iPad through a data cable or charging. Compared to iPhone or iPad, we did not have an electronic display on the sub-devices that would show us the battery charge level. In most bluetooth headsets, we are voiced when the battery is low. Some Planteonics handsfree models also estimate the number of hours left until the battery is fully consumed. to Apple Pencil is a little difficult to announce when the battery is almost exhausted. It would be an idea to start writing alone "attention, you have to get it loaded!" :-)

And if we look more closely at iOS settings and options, we find that Apple Pencil even "notifies us" when the battery is almost empty. Or well ... iOS shows us the percentage of battery power for all devices connected via Bluetooth to iPhone or iPad.

As we can see the energy level of the battery for the devices connected via Bluetooth to iPhone and iPad

This is possible by adding a widget in Notification Center.

Many users do not use Notification Center, but for this area of ​​fast information and notifications, both Apple as well as other application manufacturers have developed very useful widgets.

By simply sliding up and down from the top of the display, we have access to more information without the need to open applications. Current weather, weather forecast days following action, quick access to applications Photo Camera, viewing reminders and calendar events, and even energy level of battery-sized device connected to your iPhone or iPad.

To view the Notification Center is the energy level of the battery stats devices connected via Bluetooth, you have to acem added widget "Batteries"

Swipe down from the top of the display to open the Notification Center. Navigate to the bottom and APAM on "Edit"

Add widget "Batteries" and then press "Done" in the top right to save changes in Notificatin Center.

After completing this step, in the Notification Center we will see how much battery we have available on Apple Pencil, handsfree or other bluetooth device connected to iPod or iPhone.


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