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How to activate / deactivate the GPS on Android phones

Location services can consume very quickly smartphone battery when they are allowed to run in background. Therefore, the mobile system Android allows users to control easy activation and deactivation devices it is installed on this operating system. For this, there are even widgets allowing turn off or start the GPS even Home ScreenWithout the need to enter Settings.

GPS widget

Normally, it is recommended that Keep the GPS off for extend the life of the batteryAnd to activate only when using Google Maps or various Navigation applications or need to setup user location (Such as perntru applications while). If you do not use widgets to enable / disable the GPS quickly and you want it change settings For this next instrutiunile below.

open menu Android and select Settings of applications displayed.


In Settings menu Locate and select Location (or Location & Security)


If you GPS enabled and want to disable, Uncheck the box next to Use GPS satellites. To activate, check the box in place.

GPS Compass

Please note: Option Use Wireless Networks allow location by wireless networks and mobile antennas, And has the advantage of not consuming battery, instead not as accurate as GPS.


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