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How can we set the If Found Call option for Android phones lost

When you purchase a mobileThe first thing you need to do is to Secure the device both to will protect privacyAnd for the protect your itself. One of the most important things that a user should take into account smartphone It is that there is always the possibility of lose said smartphone (or unfortunately, the possibility of it to be her stealing). While feature-site Find My iPhone It is quite popular among users iOS devices, Equivalent to Android, application Android Device ManagerIt is not used only for a small proportion of users of mobile operating system.

Android Device Manager It gives users the ability to both locate a lost smartphone or stealing (Provided that the application to be installed and set properly on the device lost) and the option to lock smartphone respectively or delete data on it to protect your privacy or identity of owning the device. The application also helps users find their devices even if they are lost the house, Forcing them to sound using a high volume because it can be easily localized.

One of the most important options available Android Device Manager is The If Found Call, Option with which users can block access from lost or stolen devices and can add an on-screen button Call that those who find these devices can use to return them. This option can be set even after losing an Android device (provided that the application Android Device Manager oe already be installed device) using a computer and a web browser.


  • click on link this (version website the manager's) then sign in your account Google to access Android Device Manager
  • if you use manager for more Android devices, select lost deviceThen click on the Lock
  • window displays, set a New Password for device lock (it is not recommended to use the password from your account Google for security reasons) then enter message you want to appear on lockscreen site the device (e.g. Please return my phone) And eventually enter phone number to which you wish to be called to recover a lost device


  • After you enter these information, Click the button Lock

After you make these settings, lock screen is normal of your dispozitivuli will be replaced with new lock screen Android Device ManagerWhich displays the information provided by you (the message for those who find the device and phone number where you may be contacted to recover). Also, by means of Android Device Manager can completely erase all data contained device (To protect your privacy) button Erase (Also from version website the manager's).

Download Android Device Manager (via Google Play).


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