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How can we change the quality of YouTube videos in Android

When it comes to viewing videos on YouTube on a mobile, playback quality their highly dependent connection quality Internet. Thus, quality videos is selected automatic depending on how strong (or how weak) is connection.

Whilst the majority of mobile users (smartphones or tablets) Have Internet connection very stable (WiFi, LTE or 3G) Thereon, Google the updated YouTube mobile application multiple playback options video si playbackUsers can select single playback quality of videos.

How can we change the playback quality of YouTube videos Android?

  • open Youtube appThen open clip that you want to view and tap on menu icon (Three vertical dots) displayed in the upper right corner of the clip


  • Options displayed, please tap on Settings icon (Middle)


  • will display a dialog Quality which lists all options quality video playback available for that (most of new generation devices support up to 720pAnd some devices even 1080p); select the desired option


In this way, you can manually select playback quality desired YouTube videos when you click on mobile device Android provided (for slow Internet connection recommend selecting a lower quality playbackTo avoid repeated interruptions videos).


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