How can we unlock / decode an iPhone bought from Orange or Vodafone

In most cases, a iPhone locked in a network Namely, it is a iPhone thrilled at a special subscription, with a sales.

In Romania, Orange and Vodafone are the only operators of mobile telephony coding / block iPhone in their network.
If you may purchase an iPhone at a abomanet Orange and Vodafone, Its price will be lower, depending on the subscription cost (the higher the subscription, the iPhone's price will be lower) and the contract period. 12 or 24 months.
Be aware that after expiry of the contractual period, when virtually no longer have any liability to the operator, rather than pay your bills subscription, your iPhone will be unlocked / unlocked by itself. And if you want to unlock, this process will not be free.

How unlock a locked iPhone Vodafone Romania?

There are two scenarios. Unlocking an iPhone and during the contract periodand release after the contract expires.
During the contract period, The release is subject to 50,42 fee euro (VAT included). This fee is valid irrespective of the period elapsed from the contract. For example, if you purchased a Vodafone-encoded iPhone, a 24 contract on Monday, and you want to unblock with the 1 month before the expiration of the contract, you will have to pay the full fee 50,42 € (VAT included).
After expiry of the contractual period, Unlocking iPhones something cheaper. The fee will be applied by the operator: 10,08 € (VAT included).

Besides the above scenarios, there are situations where an iPhone can be sold coded, but its release will be free. If you may purchase an iPhone "freely" - unsigned - a Vodafone store, you can apply immediately release the terminal. The same applies to acquiring the an iPhone with a Vodafone SIM, where the price will be subsidized by the operator.

Any request to unlock a terminal iPhone will be made in a Vodafone storeand the term is 15 days. From our experience, we say that has not lasted more than 3 days, but there are users whose devices s iPhone were released after more than a week.

How unlock iPhone encoded in Orange Romania?

As with Vodafone Orange Romania mobile coding sold at subscriptions, with special prices.
ProUnlocking an iPhone coded in the Orange Romania network is a bit simpler, faster and does not require you to go to an Orange service / store. All you have to do is access the page "Phone Service">"unlock Phone"In"My account"Enter the IMEI of your iPhone you want to unlock, then click on the" check series ".

After series is verified, you will be redirected to the page where you can pay online by credit card to unlock iPhone.
Orange, fee for unlocking iPhone in the contractual period is of 413.45 RON (VAT included) , and for iPhones that are no longer in contract, the fee is 52.26 RON (VAT included) .

Do not attempt to unlock the device's iPhone were purchased from operators in other countries. For example, if you have an iPhone stuck in Vodafone Germany or Vodafone UKIt can not be unlocked at Vodafone Romania. And if Orange is the same.
To unlock an iPhone bought from abroad will have to identify the official website of the operator from which you bought and submit an online application for decoding.

Decoding iPhone is through the network, so Neff need to go to a representative of the operator or a service.


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