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How to enable or disable iCloud Backup on your iPhone or iPad

In case of any accident / incident, the backup (backup) We could say it's the only rescue to get us anymore we recover data from the iPhone or iPad. Whether or not the iPad or iPhone can be physically recovered, either because of a damage Or because of a theft, Our data may be safe if we have a periodical copy of the iCloud account.

Backup (backup) for mobile devices Apple, Can be stored either in your iCloud account or on a Windows PC or Mac using the iTunes app.
We do not recommend disabling backup for iPhone or iPad unless you think the hard disk space or iCloud is more important than the data on your ideas.

How to disable iCloud backup on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If you do not have enough storage in iCloud and you do not want to upgrade to a charge plan, you can disable the iPhone, iPad, or iPod backup.

Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage (Under iCloud)

In "Manage Storage"(Option under iCloud) under"backups"Lists the devices that back up their iCloud. We tap on the device to get to Backup options.

Then press: Delete Backupthen Turn Off & Delete.

After this pass, enter the iCloud password to disable backup.

As you may have noticed from the screenshots above, you can disable iCloud Backup of a device on another device. Provide both to be connected to the same account iCloud / Apple ID.


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