How can we recover the password of a microSD card for mobile phone

If you have a microSD card whom you forgotten password by mobileIt is not appropriate to resign to throw the card (if you have already done it, the worse). The password can be recovered very simple with a PC and a Card Reader (Of course, you will need a microSD adapter - Usually included in the package or purchase a mobile phone with microSD site).

Recover lost password of a microSD

  • must first insert the microSD into the card reader and then we enter the latter in PC (if it is not already built).
  • in most systems Windows window AutoPlay will "bloom" on the screen (in this case you have not set the AutoPlay site not to run, in which case you go in computer and tap card) click "Open foder to view files"
  • in the list of folders / files displayed select and open the folder system


system located in the text file called MMCSTORE. Double-click it to open it and voila!: password you are looking for.


If this method does not work (for whatever strange reason) move files on your computer's HDD card then the microSD format. Password will be deleted and you regain access to your card via mobile phone.




  1. The computer does NOT "see" the password card anymore. If it was that simple, no one would throw their card away…

  2. I have a question, I read that the 2 times that come in Tral to the system, but how poverty if he read the card's password? Autoplay will flourish as if it is password protected: -?

  3. Hello ..I read and I have the same proproblem… in vain I try to follow the steps because it doesn't read my card it asks me to enter the password… only the phone memory is displayed and that's it… if the password is in the card and it's passworded it's impossible to enter to find the password… where it should contain in the phone memory and the card password code but I don't know… ..I can't find a professional to do this… it's a breach on the market it would take a lot of money if one or more would learn to solve such proproblems that are very common

  4. I have this too proproblem and I don't know what to do… I initially proI'm going to write things to myself regarding esempio x example the date of birth or the name or as mel my case the second name. this idea has now come to me,progo to the nickname you use most .-. comq if you find a system contact me at this email: PLEASE DO IT !!!

  5. This tutorial is for old brothers NOKIA MMC CARD, you know those from N70, 6630, 6680 more maricele in any way for SD's.

  6. ciao io ho fatto solo è che non dici come trovo it mmcstore dove lo trovo file? andato sono nella cartella system è me vuota

  7. People can easily find the password to a microSD card with the following:
    a phone with usbcard reader
    un program called hex editor
    (this if you have a minimum of knowledge in pro-programming)
    telefoncard plug the card in reader and connect it to your PC
    enter the hex editor and hit open and select the card
    give search in hex editor and search for the card file system folder MMCSTORE
    open it and you have the password there (depends on each card)
    ps: sorry for mistakes give hurrying!

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