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How can we prevent automatic update of applications in Android

One of the options offered by Google Play users Android is automatic update of applications installed in that store. This option saves users periodically check store for manually install possible updates for frequently used applications. But while there are plenty of users who consider this option as one required, there are users who want to have control on these updates, primarily because updates that may in some cases to consume bandwidth (mobile data) That they do not want to be eaten or simply do not want certain applications to be updated for various reasons (there were cases in which an updated version drove some feature of an application sites, And most likely not to terminate the respective feature-s). There are also situations in which updates the applications come bundled with changes in permissionsAnd users want to have control (and rightly so) the permissions of applications installed on the device (for example, an update may contain permission to send SMS or make change settings in the system).

If you turned on your device with Android option automatic update of applications Installed Play Store and you want to disable this option, follow the instructions below.


  • open application Google Play Store
  • open Home store, then turn on the tap menu icon (Three horizontal lines) displayed in the upper left of the application account (before Apps)
  • displayed menu, select SettingsThen give tap on Auto-update apps
  • the options displayed, select Do not auto-update apps (Or if your only concern is mobile data consumption, select Auto-update apps over WiFi only)

These changes in settings Play Store before block apps automatic updating on Android (Or will restrict updates only when the device is connected to a wireless network).

If you wish to disable automatic update for certain applications, Visit the respective applications in Play Store, Please tap on menu icon (Three vertical dots) in the upper right corner and uncheck Auto-update.


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