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How do we upload to Facebook and Instagram Live Photos on [How-To]

live Photos He was placed on iPhone since the model iPhone 6S. These pictures are much cooler than the simple number of reasons:

  1. Capture a few seconds (3 seconds) in action when the picture is taken.
  2. They can be edited - effects, filters, can be cropped just like any other normal photo.
  3. Captures a few seconds of sound from the moment the action.
  4. You can export as a normal picture, but motionless in .JPG format. Static picture.

What exactly is Live Photos? It is a normal picture, taken when the shutter button of the Camera application was pressed, but in its "back" there is a video file in .MOV format, which runs for a few seconds at the time of viewing.
Daca export live on MacOS picturesA notice that two files were exported. .JPG File (Picture) and un .MOV file (Video) with the same name.

In the gallery iOS (iPhone or iPhone 6S 7), these two files appear as one. A live image file. It is created from two files upload to Facebook or Instagram only the picture will be normal. Static.
If you wish to post Live Photo on Facebook or Instagram, Live picture must be converted into .GIF or in a video format. .MOV, Etc.

application Lively iPhone and iPad to help make this conversion sites directly on your device, without the need to get to a computer.

Download our Lively from App Store, import the live picture into the application, then export in .GIF format. You have the option of posting directly on Facebook and Instagram or you can save it in Camera Roll.

Here's the result:

The exported picture can now be posted without proproblems on Instagram or Facebook. In .GIF format, the sound is lost, but you can choose to export it in video format.

Those who want to delete the watermark "Lively", I can do it toproapproximately 3 Euro.


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