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How to disable preinstalled apps on Android devices

Regardless mobile platform used, all mobile (And here we refer to smartphones si tablets) Contain preinstalled applications, offered by either prothe respective devices (OEMs), Or mobile operators we sell. Such applications that come bundled with mobile devices can not be removed, Although most users do not have or need. Unfortunately, even if not used as often these applications can run in background, Consuming system resources or irritate users with different Notifications.

If you are using AndroidEven if you can not uninstall all applications preinstalled, you still able to disable these applications to ensure that they will not run in background.

How to disable preinstalled apps on mobile devices running Android?

  • go to SettingsThen click on Apps
  • in Apps, Please tap on the tab All to display a list of applications installed server


  • then give a tap on the app you want to disable and give information on screen tap the button Disable; Repeat for each application preinstalled that you want to disable (can disable including installed applications Play StoreBut you do not want to remove all)

disable the built-in app-android

After you disable preinstalled appsThey will not run in the background consuming system resources and will not be displayed applications menu (app drawer). If you later want to reactivate an application preinstalled, go again Settings> Apps, Please tap on the application that, then let tap the button Enable.


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