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How can we recover lost or stolen phones?

You lost mobile phone or stolen and you do not know which Recovery options You have at hand? Do not forget that current devices have both tracking applications, And even offered helpful information to their technical specifications. Let's see together how we can recover the phone!

If phones support AndroidThe simplest way to view the location of the device and the data on it is using the system Android Device Manager. To operate this command, in case of loss or theft of mobile terminal, registration is required prior to website dedicatedt then the play menu, the phone can be blocked or deleted, can be seen on maps Google Maps and can give the command to sound at full volume for a time 5 minutes to be found more quickly if it was lost.


Another option is to use the Android LostThat can be installed without holding the phone access. This application can be installed in Play Storein account Google which is synchronized with mobile phone, then send a text message to the phone in question "androidlost register". The application is activated automatically and can take pictures with your device and allows you to read SMS messages received without the user knowing.

At the same time, Google Maps history can provide exact location of the phone, even if the application is not active. After accessing Google Maps, choose the current date in the calendar and the last time the phone was recognized, then the map will show the places taken by lost or stolen device.


for users iOS, There is Lost Mode applicationWhich allows the phone lock with a password to protect data and information on the device. Another option is useful application Find My iPhone, Which requires the connection to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data to be accessed.

Do not forget that there are applications such as Team ViewerThrough which users can access your remote, Remote Control, Jump Desktop or Splashtop Remote Desktop 2Which are based on a system that is installed on the desktop and phone and allow control of one by the other. The three applications are found on both iOS and Android.

One thing worth noting is that as long as the phone has SIM card or it is closed, it can not be located. However, we know that a phone, especially in our era, is used to access mobile data, often via Wi-Fi, so the information can be erased or blocked.


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