How to record WhatsApp Video Call with Audio on iOS and Android

WhatsApp Video Call recording with Audio on Android & iOS

WhatsApp is by far the largest chat application at present, being widely used both for communications between friends, family, and for business or operational purposes.

The WhatsApp application was designed primarily for text chat, and then developed, offering options for video calls, audio calls, send and receive files, group video calls and many other options.

An option that is not present in WhatsApp, is the one for recording voice calls and video calls with voice. The reason why the video call recording option is missing from WhatsApp and other similar applications is simple. Violates privacy laws in many countries around the world, including the United States and Europe. Normally, it is not allowed to record a private discussion on WhatsApp, much less to record a video call with voice.

However, there is the possibility of recording WhatsApp video calls and call sound (voice recording) both for smartphones with Android operating system and for iPhone (iOS). If you have to record important discussions from a session held on WhatsApp, it is good to let the discussion partners know in advance that you want to make a video and audio recording of the session.

How to record a WhatsApp video call on iPhone (iOS) - WhatsApp Video Call Recording / iPhone

For iPhone users, it is the easiest way to record a video call with sound from WhatsApp. Implicitly, Apple introduced on iPhone si iPad option Screen Recording. With the help of this option, everything that is on the iPhone screen can be recorded, and if we turn on the microphone from Screen Recording, in addition to the image and sound captured from the iDevice, it will also records the ambient sound.

1. Enable the Screen Recording in Control Center option (if this is not enabled). Settings ? Control Center? Screen Recording.

2. We start a video call on WhatsApp, then swipe the screen from top to bottom on the right side of the screen to open the Control Center. We go to the Screen Recording icon and hold it down for two seconds, then in the menu that opens we activate the microphone.

3. 'Start Recording”To start recording.

At the end, press the red button at the top to close and save the video call recording file on WhatsApp. You can see it in the Photos gallery.

How to record a Whatsapp video call on Android - WhatsApp Video Call Recording 

Unfortunately, the Screen Recording option on Android does not support video recording from applications, with sound.

1. Download and install the application on your Android smartphone Screen Recorder.

2. Open the application Screen Recorder, Go SettingsAnd the Video Settings Activate Record Audio.

3. The “Audio Source"Set"MIC"And"HE-AAC"The Audio Encoder.

After making these settings, open the application and start video recording. Start a video call on WhatsApp, and the session will be recorded by the Screen Recorder application.

At the end, the video file with the recording will be saved on the smartphone, in the folder indicated in the application settings.

So this is the most efficient method of recording WhatsApp video calls on Android.

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