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How to find the best Wi-Fi network (Find Free Public Wi-Fi)

In recent years, the notion of voice call si messages (SMS) which defined "mobile phone" has changed a lot. The mobile phone has become a means of communication and exchange and sharing of information in several ways. With the advancement of mobile phones have progressed and how to connect. From simple GSM connection for voice and short messages, connections reached 4G and Wi-Fi which allow us to send pictures, video files, documents, initiate video or voice calls. All this is only possible if your smartphone is connected to the Internet.
It is almost inconceivable nowadays to have a mobile phone that is not connected to a up infrastructure for mobile data and internet.
When we are home or office, the easiest connection is WiFi us, coming from a wireless router. Stable connection, enables large volumes of data at high speed and especially, it is free. In traffic, at a fastfood, restaurant or other location, handy connection we 3G / 4G, but this connection is limited to the price charged by the operator. On the market are mobile internet subscriptions with unlimited trafficBut after exceeding the number of MB / GB 4G speed, taking subscription, this "unlimited" translates into a sharp decline download speed / upload. In Romania, the operator Telekom is not charged overcoming traffic included after overcoming it. The operators Orange and Vodafone charged overtaking traffic included in the subscription. So all WiFi remains the best, but to connect to a wireless network outside spaces "familiar" you need to use an application that we indicate WiFi networks available for free, without username and password to log in area Our.

application WeFi Pro 100% is free and we identify Wireless networks that have free in the area where we are or in areas close to us. WeFi Pro it works like this Waze application (application widely used among drivers), based on information received from users. WeFi Pro it determines our location at the time of launch, then shows us on the map the nearby locations where there are the free Wi-Fi hotspots to which we can turn. Moreover, we show that the most stable and fastest connections.


WiFi-hotspots show

If you find a free WiFi network that is not on the map, you can add just a few taps on the phone's display, and so other WeFi users will be notified of the availability of this network, they will be nearby.

WeFi application Pro is available free of charge for all devices Android and iOS (iPhone) and can be installed from Google Play, respectively the App Store for iPhone users.


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